WFP Notes for the Briefing 28/11/1985 Ebola Response Update

29 Nov 2014
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ROME, 28 November 2014 / PRN Africa / -- 1. WFP Ebola response update

To date in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, WFP distributed 21.000 mt of food to 1.6 million people since the end of August 2014.

The UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS), managed by WFP, so far transported 2.771 responders with two planes and one helicopter in operation. UNHAS also transported 26.320 m3 of cargo since September 2014.

WFP and the Mali Red Cross are partnering to deliver food to 336 people currently under observation (contact cases) in Bamako. WFP has trained Mali Red Cross volunteers on standard operating procedures. Distribution is due to begin Friday, November 28.

WFP has pre-positioned enough contingency stocks in Bamako to feed 10.000 people over a three-month period in case they are required to respond to the Ebola emergency. In addition, 100 family ration kits have been prepared and are ready to be distributed.

WFP is meeting regularly with MSF Spain, which is responsible for the official Ebola treatment centre in Bamako, to discuss plans for WFP to provide hot meals to patients and staff at the medical centre if the situation deteriorates. Currently, there are only two patients at the centre and their food is being provided by the hospital.

2. Funding

WFP's Emergency Operation has a total requirement of USD126 million. It is 78% funded.

For its Special Logistics Operation providing common humanitarian services, WFP has a funding requirement of USD87 million. So far, USD57.6 million (66%) have been received.

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